Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (Belgium)

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Description of the partner

Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) is a dynamic and specialized company in the field of battery and energy technologies for e-mobility and stationary applications located outskirts of Brussels, Belgium. Today ABEE is a fast-growing multicultural company with team members from various nationalities.

It is currently part of 25 EU-funded projects and several industrial projects with OEM’s and government institutions worldwide. Since its creation in 2019, ABEE began to explore all aspects of the battery value chain, from cell production to battery pack systems to the final stage, including even recycling. Today ABEE has anchored its position in the energy and battery world.

Role in the project

The role of ABEE in this project beyond its coordination will be on one side the development of the Li metal anode with a protective coating to enable its use with the oxide-sulfide solid electrolyte developed within the project. Moreover, ABEE’s role in ADVAGEN will be specially focusing on the upscaling of the cell chemistry developed within the project to produce 10Ah cells.