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Description of the partner


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of society with greater industrial competitiveness, by generating research of excellence, building new technologies to address current and future energy-related issues, and ensuring universal access to abundant, inexpensive and sustainable energy.


Our vision is to become a center of excellence and an international point of reference in the field of energy through research, development and innovation, and to work in a coordinated way with administration, industry and universities.

Strategic goals:

  • To spearhead the generation of disruptive scientific and technological knowledge aimed at providing industry with innovative and sustainable medium- and long-term energy solutions.
  • To promote the continuous transfer of knowledge to the market and society, by collaborating directly with companies, and providing an environment that empowers spin-offs and supports the generation and licensing of patents.
  • To expand our network in the field of energy, both at a local and international level, and to become a leading voice that inspires innovative, scientific and sustainable thinking across the sector.

Role in the project

IREC contributes to the material development and interface optimization. IREC will be developing Ni-rich cathodes and will participate on the materials combination and definition of the final cell chemistry and on full cell validation in coin cell using different electrochemical techniques. IREC will lead the task of interfaces optimization and development of operando techniques.

On the other hand, IREC will engage in the cell testing and safety assessment. IREC will cooperate in ageing tests and mechanisms and will lead the postmortem analysis of the batteries. These actions are led by Alex Morata from the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group and Jordi Jacas from the Energy Storage, Harvesting and Catalysis group at IREC.